Dr. Andrew Kerr - Research

Current Research Topics

• Stratigraphy and geology of Fogo Island and Change Islands, Newfoundland, with emphasis on field relationships, timing of orogenic events and the development of a composite bimodal plutonic suite and its volcanic superstructure. (this is a collaborative effort involving students from Cambridge University and Oxford University, with partial support from those sources and the Shorefast Foundation of Fogo and Change Islands)

• Geology and geochemistry of alkaline intrusive rocks and related rare-earth element (REE) mineralization in Labrador, including the Strange Lake Intrusion. (This represents continued research from recent projects at the Department of Natural Resources).

Selected Previous Research Topics

• The Formation and Discovery of magmatic Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposits, notably in Labrador.

• The nature and timing of gold mineralization in the Newfoundland Appalachians.

• Granitoid magmatism in Newfoundland and its links to the evolution of the Appalachian Orogen.

• Precambrian geology and tectonic-orogenic evolution in Labrador.