Course Offerings

A selection of courses will be offered to meet the requirements of candidates as far as the resources of the Department will allow. Please visit the School of Graduate Studies section of the University for information on the Regulations Governing the Degree of Master of Science in Earth Sciences and the Regulations Governing the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Following is a list of more frequently offered graduate courses. For a complete listing of graduate courses offered in the Department of Earth Sciences, please contact the Manager of Academic Programs.

Overview Courses

7110 Physics of the Solid Earth
7120 Crustal Geophysics
7300 Changes in Global Paleoenvironment
7400 Tectonic Regimes
7410 Engineering & Environmental Geology
7500 Chemical Fluxes in the Earth
7810 Paleoecology (same as the former 6810. Credit may be obtained for only one of 7810 or 6810)

General Courses

6105 Field Course in Applied Geophysics
6040 Igneous Petrogenesis
6070 Quantitative Techniques in Mineralogy and Metamorphic Petrology
6141 Rotation of the Earth
6142 Theory of Global Geodynamics
6152 Paleomagnetism
6171 Advanced Exploration Seismology
6172 Borehole Seismic
6175 Gravity and Magnetic Methods
6177 Mathematical Formulations of Seismic Wave Phenomena
6210 Genesis of Mineral Deposits
6320 Marine Geology
6400 Flow and Transport in Fractured Rock
6410 Advanced Engineering and Environmental Geology
6420 Deformation Mechanisms
6500 Stable Isotope Geochemistry
6510 Trace Element Geochemistry
6520 Methods in Advanced Research in Geochemistry
6540 Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry
6550 Biogeochemistry
6600 Petroleum Geology
6740 Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Environments
6820 Palynology and Paleobotany
6900-6999 Special Topics in Earth Sciences

Internship Courses

7000 Earth Sciences Internship (EASC 7000 - Course Description)