Earth System 3209

 Challenge for Credit

The Earth Systems 3209 highschool course consists of four main units (Introduction, The Earth's Systems, The Geosphere and The Earth Through Time) and offers you, the student, an opportunity to integrate your experiences into a complete understanding of the planet and your relationship to it.

Our province is rich in geological phenomena. We are located at the boundary of two ancient tectonic plates. We are home to two of the four designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Gros Morne National Park and Mistaken Point. We also have significant exploration and development of Earth's resources at Voisey's Bay, and the Grand Banks to name a few. It is important that we know how these events and others are relevant in our day-to-day lives. While completing an undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences, you will develop a deep understanding of local, regional and global issues related to Earth and its resources.

Earth Systems 3209 is a multidisciplinary, challenging core science course. With sucessful completion this course can be used to fulfil the basic graduation requirements, the honours graduation requirements, and the entrance requirements for post-secondary institutions. If you achieved a minium final grade of 80% in 3209, you are eligible to 'Challenge for Credit' for Earth Sciences 1000. 

Students who challenge the credit are required to write an exam to demonstrate your understanding on concepts relating to Earth sciences. The exam will be held during a final exam period in December or April, depending on when you apply. The exam will be made up and administered by a Faculty member and labratory instructor of EASC 1000. If must achieve a  minimum grade of 50% to obtain credit. If you fail the exam credit will not be given.

To apply, you must complete the Challenge for Credit form at this link,, and submit it to the Registrar's Office.There is a fee for this request that is the value of ½ the tuition for that course. Please note that if you fail the exam, this fee is non-refundable.

For further information about this, please contact the Manager of Academic Programs, Michelle Miskell at