Dr. Andrew Kerr - Geoscience Outreach Activities

In addition to teaching and scientific research, I have a strong interest in educating the public about geoscience issues, and also in the development of the Geotourism Sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. This interest is expressed in writing articles for nonspecialists, giving public lectures, leading field trips, and in providing advice to several organizations in the Province.

I am currently involved in the ‘Geology at the Edge’ Program of the Shorefast Foundation, and developed the initial concept for their “geologist-in-residence” program. I was the very first geologist-in-residence in 2013. I am also involved in providing geoscience advice to the Cabox geopark proposal in western Newfoundland (linked to the International Appalachian Trail Project) and also to the Friends of Cape St. Mary’s.

Over the years, I have given public lectures on Newfoundland geology and the plate-tectonics revolution, on the ancient volcanoes of Newfoundland, on the debate about the age of the Earth, and on the geological history of Fogo and Change Islands. I hope to soon develop similar lectures on the history of life on Earth, and on James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis.