Q. How do I register to attend Convocation?

A. Log on to Memorial Self Service to register to attend Convocation. 

Q. How many guest tickets can I get?

A. You will receive your own seating pass and can request up to three guest tickets on Memorial Self Service. If space permits, additional tickets may be available on a first-come, first-served, basis. Email marcomm@grenfell.mun.ca to request additional tickets.

Q. How much does the academic dress rental and tickets cost?

A. The cost of academic dress rental ordered before the registration deadline is $50. After the deadline, the rental cost is $80 cash payable at the rehearsal, the day before convocation. Please note that we cannot guarantee academic dress beyond the academic rental deadline. Tickets are free and must be requested before the deadline on Memorial Self Service.

Q. What if I order my academic dress, but I am later deemed ineligible to graduate?

A. If you are deemed ineligible to graduate, but you have already paid for your academic dress, you will be reimbursed in full for the $50 cost. 

Q. Where do I pick up my academic dress and tickets?

A. Your academic dress, your ticket and guest tickets can be picked up at the rehearsal at the Civic Centre the day before convocation. The date for the rehersal will be posted here. Academic dress and tickets can be picked up prior to the rehersal starting at 6 p.m.  If you are unable to make it to rehearsal, you can pick up your academic dress at the Civic Centre one hour before the ceremony.

Q. I am not attending convocation. Can I still borrow academic dress to get photos taken?

A. The provision of academic dress for photography service only, is provided through Marketing, Communications and Advancement. Please email marcomm@grenfell.mun.ca for further details.

Q. Where do I return my academic dress?

A. There will be an attendant in the lobby area of the Civic Centre to collect your hood and gown. This should be completed before you leave the Civic Centre. The motorboard hat is yours to keep. The PhD bonnet must be returned following the ceremony.

Academic dress that is not returned immediately after the ceremony will be the responsibility of the graduate to return it to the vendor's warehouse in Montreal.

Q: Am I required to attend rehearsal?

A. All graduating students should attend rehearsal. Here you will receive your gown and tickets, and marshals will guide you through the ceremonial elements of convocation. Please stay tuned for more information on the Convocation rehearsal. 

Q. What time should I arrive at the Civic Centre?

A. Graduating students and their guests should arrive one hour prior to the ceremony.

Q. I have a guest who requires special accommodations. How do I arrange this?

A. Contact the convocation team at marcomm@grenfell.mun.ca at least two weeks prior to convocation to arrange this. 

Q. What should I bring to convocation?

A. Keep your personal items to a minimum. Any items you bring must stay in the dressing room during the ceremony.

Q. If I am not attending convocation, how do I receive my degree?

A. Degree parchments are held at the Registrar's Office for one week after convocation for pick-up. The Registrar's Office will then begin a mail-out and the parchment will be sent to your permanent address, which you can verify or update via Memorial Self Service.

Q. I am receiving two degrees. Can I receive them both at the same time?
Graduands receiving two degrees will need to attend both sessions, or you may choose to attend one session and have the parchment for the second degree sent to you in the mail.  

Q: Is it possible to attend a future convocation instead?

A: Yes. You are able to defer your attendance at convocation to the next convocation period only. This needs to be done through Memorial Self-Service under the Graduation and Convocation menu. When you fill out the convocation form, you will be asked if you plan to attend convocation. Please select “I wish to defer my attendance to the next convocation period”. This needs to be done before the application to attend convocation closes for the session you are originally scheduled to attend.

Q: What does deferring my attendance at convocation mean?

A: You are only deferring your attendance at the ceremony to celebrate your graduation. Your graduation is not being deferred. Your degree would still be awarded at the graduation for which you originally applied. This means that your degree will still be updated on your parchment after you graduate and your parchment will be issued to you with the option to pick it up or have it mailed to you. Everything about the ceremony would be the same as the students who are graduating during that convocation. Your name would be read on stage as you walk across and you would be wearing academic dress. The only difference is that when you go backstage your parchment will not be given to you at that time as you would have already received it.

Q. Are there affordable overnight accommodations available for me, my family and friends who are travelling to attend?

For assistance, please contact Nancy Baker, Events Coordinator, Grenfell Campus 709-640-0598.