COMP 4300: Introduction to Game Programming

This course is required for the Visual Computing and Games Stream.

Prerequisites:  COMP 2001 or the former COMP 2710, Mathematics 2050, and 6 credit hours in Computer Science courses at the 3000-level or above ( COMP 3301 and COMP 3731 are recommended)

Availability: This course is usually offered once per year, in Fall or Winter.

Course Objectives

This is an introductory course for students interested in learning the fundamentals of game programming. Topics include vector math for games, fundamentals of rendering, introduction to animation and artificial intelligence, collision detection, game physics and user-interfaces. Students are required to write a fully functional game during the course.

Representative Workload
  • Laboratory Work (1) 15%
  • In-class Evaluations (every lecture) 15%
  • In-class Exams (2) 30%
  • Final Exam 20%
  • Final Game Project 20%
Representative Course Outline
  • Course Introduction, Game Programming Basics (3 hours)
  • Vector Math and Games (3 hours)
  • Rendering (3 hours)
  • Quaternions and Input/Sound (3 hours)
  • Artificial Intelligence (3 hours)
  • Collision Detection and Game Physics (3 hours)
  • Camera Systems (3 hours)
  • User Interface Systems (3 hours)
  • Event-Based Systems and Scripting Languages (3 hours)
  • Animation and Assorted Gameplay (3 hours)
  • Basic Networking (3 hours)

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