Building Access Requests St. John's Campus

Building Access - St. John's Campus

Regular semester building hours for most St. John's campus buildings are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, and closed on Sunday (except for bookings).

If a department head or designate requires a building opened outside of working hours they must contact Campus Enforcement at Patrol at 709-864-8561. Access to private offices will only be provided to the occupant on the presentation of suitable identification. If CEP approves the opening of a building for a function outside of regular building hours, Work Control should also be contacted to ensure heating and cooling systems are adjusted for this time. Work Control can be contacted at 709-864-7600 or

Building Access Requests - St. John's Campus

Keys and Locks 

Routine maintenance of locks and lock cores is the responsibility of Facilities Management. Specific or specialized security needs are met by providing alarm devices, card access locks, and other advanced locking devices. These categories of service will be charged to the user department.

Key problems should be directed to Work Control by calling 709-864-7600 or emailing

Card Access Request - Faculty, Staff and Students 

Departments needing keys and card access are required to use the on-line I-Service Desk for each request. To access the I-Service Desk, departments need to identify a departmental contact as their Key Requester. A Delegation of Authority Form must be completed, signed off by the Department Head/Dean/Director and returned to Facilities Management. When a form is received, instructions will be sent to the Key Requester.

Card Access Request - Non MUN Employee 

If an individual is not an employee or student of Memorial and requires Millennium access (i.e. a visitor, contractor, Eastern Health employee, etc.) the department responsible for the individual must complete the Non MUN Employee Application for Millennium Access.  

Once a Millennium profile has been created for the individual access can be requested by the sponsor in I-Service Desk.


Email Campus Enforcement and Patrol