Travel Emergencies

Persons who are travelling on behalf of the University for work, study or research who experience an Emergency should contact the University by telephoning Campus Enforcement and Patrol on the St. John’s campus using 709-864-4100, as soon as possible. This telephone number is used regardless of the originating campus of the Traveler. Campus Enforcement and Patrol will activate the Campus Emergency Management plan to respond to the incident.

Travelers should:

  1. Act to protect their own safety and in the case of Activity Coordinators, the safety of other members of the group.
  2. Contact the appropriate local emergency services (i.e. medical, police, and fire) immediately
  3. Contact local/regional University supports, if available.
  4. Contact Campus Enforcement and Patrol at the St. John’s campus, as soon as possible, using 709-864-4100. This is a single point of emergency contact, regardless of the Traveler’s originating University campus. Be prepared to provide the following information:

a. Name
b. Contact information
c. Nature of the event
d. Location of the event (e.g. country, region, city, town, etc.)
e. Date and time of the event
f. Status of response by local authorities
g. Names of individuals involved
h. Contact information of individuals involved
i. Current safety, security, and health status of the individuals involved
j. Memorial University program and the name of the administrative head
k. Names of other individuals who have been notified