Suspicious and Concerning Behaviours

The safety and security of Memorial University are a community responsibility. While Memorial has specialized departments dedicated to campus safety and security, everyone has a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and to take notice and report anything they believe may be a safety or security concern. Memorial’s dedicated departments will assess each concern and follow the standardized procedures.

Students, faculty and staff are most familiar with their day to day learning and working environments. If something or someone looks suspicious, it may be worthwhile to file a report or bring the matter to the attention of Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP). CEP provides continuous 24 hour patrol coverage on our campus. Please report any suspicious activity to CEP at 709-864-8561. CEP will dispatch an officer to check on the activity.

There are many reasons why people become troubled. Stress brought on by personal issues or issues dealing with everyday life can cause people to act differently. They may need help. The help they need may be a simple chat or inquiry to see if everything is alright. Others may need some advice or direction. In some cases, the issue may be more involved and require professional assistance.

If you see a sudden change in someone’s behaviour and they appear troubled, you should inform CEP. By taking this action you are initiating a process whereby the person who is troubled receives intervention.

Suspicious circumstances to be aware of:

  • Persons monitoring areas, entrances to buildings or buildings
  • Persons pacing back and forth who appear to be dazed or confused
  • Persons speaking incoherently
  • Persons wandering in buildings that appear to have no legitimate purpose
  • Unauthorized persons in restricted or sensitive areas
  • Persons requesting sensitive information, building/HVAC plans, water, electrical, telecommunications locations, etc.
  • Persons abandoning packages, backpacks, briefcases in unusual areas, such as high traffic/high populated areas
  • Multiple persons who appear to be working in consort, committing any of the above