Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Memorial University promotes safe and responsible consumption of alcohol.

The Student Code of Conduct outlines alcohol offences as underage drinking, being drunk and disorderly, providing alcohol to minors, illegal selling or distribution of alcohol and breach of the University Alcohol Policy. Students will be held accountable as per the regulations in the Student Code of Conduct.

Tips for safe and responsible alcohol consumption

  • Be informed.
  • Plan in advance not to exceed a set number of drinks.
  • Keep track of the amount you drink.
  • Plan in advance to let your friends know when you’ve had too much.
  • Stick to your plan and stop drinking if a friend tells you you’ve had enough.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with prescribed or illicit drugs.

If you suspect someone is experiencing an alcohol related emergency and may require medical attention call Campus Enforcement and Patrol at 709-864-4100 or 911. If calling 911 please place a follow up call to Campus Enforcement and Patrol at 709-864-4100.