Weapons Procedure

Request to Store/Transport Weapons on Campus

The following form must be submitted for review by the Office of the Chief Risk Officer. Requests must be submitted at least a week prior to storage/transportation of the weapon on campus. For more information please review the Procedure for Transporting On/Off or Storing Weapons or Prop Weapons on Campus.

Request to Transport On / Off or Store Weapons or Prop Weapons on Campus Form

Part A (Complete all questions)

Weapon or Prop Weapon?*

*As per the weapons policy, ceremonial weapons that are not brandished or worn in such a manner as to cause concern or alarm are exempt.

Part B (Complete for firearms only)

*Email a copy of the firearms licence to cep@mun.ca

Is this a prohibited or restricted firearm?

Part C (Complete for storage of weapons on campus only)

Is the storage location secure and in accordance with any applicable regulations?

Part D (Complete for the transport of weapons on / off campus)

How often will the weapon be transported to / from campus?*

* If a weapon is being regularly transported on/off campus (i.e. for high performance target shooting competitions) attach a schedule of transportation dates/times. If “One Time” is selected, a new request must be submitted for any subsequent transports.

The owner of the weapon must notify CEP on the day of the transport.

Department or unit head (if applicable) will be contacted by CEP for approval.