Studying Anthropology at Memorial: What students have to say

In the winter of 2015 six undergraduate students (Bronwyn Beairsto, Brooke Boyd, Andrew Fitzgerald, Grace Sherwin, Virginia Shewfelt, and Andrew Van Vliet) met with videographer and fellow student Shannon Cymbaly to reflect on their experiences studying Anthropology at MUN. The final result is a short video that offers their insights into what studying Anthropology has meant to them, and how it has prepared them for their future lives.


  • Shannon Cymbaly, Videographer
  • Allan Farrell, Arts Computing Centre
  • Reade Davis, Department of Anthropology
  • Mark Tate, Department of Anthropology

Camera equipment for this video was provided by the Digital Research Centre.
Funding for the production of this video was provided by the Scholarship in the Arts program.