Memorial's anthropology department is the largest in Atlantic Canada.  

Anthropology explores how people and groups across the globe engage with the social, cultural, political, and economic processes that shape the contemporary world.

Anthropologists spend extended periods of time with the people they study in order to understand their practices and beliefs and how they are entangled with systems of power.

Anthropologists facilitate cross-cultural understanding and critical engagement with global problems.



Dr. Damian Castro recieved the JR Smallwood Research Grant

The Title: Offline and Online Cooperation among Hunters on Newfoundland’s West Coast.

A Year in the Field” about Joonas Plaan's PhD fieldwork in Bay de Verde, NL. The movie is available on 19th March and it is available from here:


Congratulations to Heidi Haering, she was awarded the School of Graduate Studies F.A. Aldrich Fellowship for the 2020/2021 academic year. As a Master's candidate, she will receive a master's fellowship for one year.

Jared Hogan has been awarded The William H. and Bertha Baird Memorial Scholarship for the 2021/2022 scholarship year.