MA Program (Coursework-based)

Program Overview

The coursework-based MA program in Anthropology is designed to be one calendar year in duration. During that period, students are required to complete:

  1. at least five semester-length graduate courses during the first two semesters of the program; and
  2. Anthropology 6440, which requires the completion of a major research paper that will be reviewed by an external reader.

1. Coursework

Graduate-level courses in anthropology are taught as seminars, rarely exceeding ten students. This provides ample opportunity for faculty-student interaction. Courses are meant to broaden and deepen the candidate's knowledge of the discipline and to assist them in beginning to focus on their major research paper. Depending on one’s level of background preparation, full-time MA students enrolled in the coursework stream are normally required to complete between five and six courses during the first two semesters of the program.

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2. Major Research Paper

Guidelines for Masters Research Paper (MRP)

Students enrolled in the coursework stream must also complete ANTH 6440, which requires them to write a major research paper based on library and/or archival research.

The research paper should normally be completed by before the end of the summer semester. In order to ensure that this goal is achieved, students should develop a timetable of work with their supervisor. Because of the condensed nature of the program, it is very important that students remain in residence at the St. John's campus for the entirety of their program.

The final evaluation of the research paper is determined by the supervisor and one internal reviewer.

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