Major in Anthropology


Requirements for completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Anthropology

(The following is taken from the 2023/24 University Calendar section 13.1.1 and is subject to change - please refer to the latest version to ensure accuracy. If there are any discrepancies between this listing and the listing prepared by the Registrar's office, the Registrar's office official listing will be taken as correct.)

All students who major in Anthropology will be assisted by a faculty advisor who will help them in planning their academic programs. For this purpose, it is essential that students declare their major at an early stage of their studies.

The student majoring in Anthropology must meet the requirements listed under Program Regulations - General and Honours Degrees. A minimum of 39 credit hours in Anthropology is required including:

  1. Anthropology 1031;

  2. 9 credit hours at the 2000-level chosen from any of the Anthropology courses between 2409 and 2417;

  3. Anthropology 3300 and 3410;

  4. 9 credit hours from Anthropology offerings at the 4000-level, of which one must be Anthropology 4412; and

  5. 12 credit hours from any of the Anthropology 3000-or 4000-level offerings.