Completed MA Theses



ROYAL, Diane., Commuters and Community on Bell Island: An Ethnography of Ferry Mobilities and Social Reproduction.


LEGGO, Angelina., Local Irishness: Storytelling, Heritage, and Place Attachment in Douglastown, Québec.


CARLSON-STRAIN, Miranda., LGBTQ2S Tattooning in St. John's, NL.


FOURNIE, Mitchell., "Outside Agitators and Ungrateful Kids": The Making of the Working Class in Rural Newfoundland.

WILSON, Nicole., The Comfort to Be Me: Home and Housing Struggles in St. John’s.


COONEY, David., The Post-Moratorium Condition: Contemporary Interactions between Tourism and the Surplus Population of Labour in a Rural Newfoundland Town.


BRESLIN, Samantha., Living with Music: An Ethnography of Sessions in St. John's, Newfoundland.


GAN, Gregory., “To Our Hopeless Affair”: A Visual Anthropology Study About Women of the Russian Intelligentsia in the Post-Soviet Era.

KUEFLER, Brent William Andrew., Continuity and Change: Moose Cree Relationships with Geese.


CONNORS JACKMAN., Michael David Patric, Get Out of the Garden: AIDS, Art, Politics, and the Queerness of Identity.

NOEL, Erin., In Other Words: An Exploration of French Newfoundland Language Identity in Cape St. George.


GRIFFIS, Jamie., “Piecing Womanhoods”: A Nexus of Gendered and Middle-Class Practices by Women Who Quilt in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

KELLY, Meoldie., Women, Home Care and Social Change in a Rural Newfoundland Community.


deGELDER, Mettje C., After Apartheid: “Contradictory Consciousness” among white South African Immigrants to Canada.

DYKSTRA, Robert., Communities and Cohesion on a Men’s Recreational Slow Pitch Softball Team in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

GRANT, Dianne S., Nain’s Silenced Majority: An Anthropological Examination of Schooling in Northern Labrador.


BURKE, Rhonda Carol., Land, Resources, and Discourses of Development in Central Labrador.


EISENER, Amanda C., Feeding Babies, Making Mothers: Infant Feeding Practices in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

RICE, James G., “Community” and Contradictions: The Role of a Community Centre in a St. John’s Housing Project.

ROLLMANN, Hans., Body Piercing and the Exploration of Spirituality, Sexuality and Fashion.


DROWN, Hannah., Scared Spaces: Alternative Religion and Healing in Glastonbury, England.

DURDLE, Jodi., Women, Health and Social Change in a Rural Newfoundland Community.


DAVIS, Reade., Gambling on the Future: Video Lottery Terminals and Social Change in Rural Newfoundland.

WHITE, Amanda Lynn., From Sacrifice to Egoism: Generation ’75 in Urban Galicia and the Spanish Fertility Rate.


KINDL, Rita., Change and Continuity: Three Generations of Women’s Work in North West River, Labrador.


ELLIOTT, Denielle A., Everything You Ever Dreamed Of: Romance, Gender and Travel in Mexico.

ORCHARD, Treena., Teenagers of the Tundra: The Teenage Experience Among the Naskapi of Kawawachikamach, Quebec.


SCHUURMAN, Hedda., Culture, Politics, and School Control in Sheshatshit.

WILLIAMS, Brian., An Ethnohistorical Study of Fisher-Merchant Relationships in Burin, Newfoundland.


SKANES, Frederick., Exploring New Avenues: Anthropological History, Political Economy and Peasantries.


MURPHY, Kathleen Anne., Maternal Politics: Women’s Strategies in Rural Development Association.


HOLLAND-MACDONALD, Wendy Ruth., Strangers/Outsiders/Insiders: Examining the Impact of Degrees of Community Membership on the Roles Available to Rural Bureaucrats.

JEAN-Klein, Iris E.F., Zionist Perceptions of Nazareth: Jewish Perceptions of Jew and Arab in Upper Nazareth.

MUNRO LEWIS, Robert., Brigus and the Labrador Fishery: An Anthropological and Historical Study.


BROWN, Cheryl Anne., The Newfoundland Pilgrimage to Ste. Anne de Beaupre: Suffering and Celebration a World Apart.

PLAICE, Evelyn Mary., A Native Game: Settler Perceptions of Indian/Settler Relations in Central Labrador.


ARMITAGE, Peter., Domestic Production among the Innut of La Romaine: Persistence or Transformation?

O’HOLLAREN, Julie., ‘Strangers in our Midst’: Tourism as a Development Strategy in Newfoundland.

WALSH, Vincent., The Underside of Boarding House Life.


ANGER, Dorothy., Putting it Back Together: Micmac Political Identity in Newfoundland.

DILLION, Leo J., Black Diamond Bay: A Rural Community in Newfoundland.

WRIGHT, Guy David., Swilling: An Ethnographic Portrait of the Newfoundland Seal Hunt.


DRODGE, Janice Ann., A Heritage Portrayed: Nationalist Theatre in Newfoundland, 1972-1982.

JONES, Margaret L., The Healing Process and Conceptions of Alcoholism in a Drug Dependency Treatment Centre.

SOUTHARD, Frank E., Salt Cod and God: An Ethnographic of Socio-Economic Conditions Affecting Status in a Southern Labrador Community.


BRICE-BENNETT, Carol., Two Opinions: Inuit and Moravian missionaries in Labrador, 1804-1860.

COLE, Sally Cooper., Bored in the Arctic: The Modern Experience of Inuit Youth.


COHEN, Zelda Ruth., Playing for Privileged: An Ethnography of Play in a Summer Camp.

SCHEFFEL, David., The Demographic Consequences of European Contact with Labrador Inuit, 1800-1919.


DAVIS, Margaret Frances Gunness., Harbour Deep: A Spatial Analysis.

MACDONALD, David A., Process and Change in the Newfoundland Fishery: The Trawlerman’s Strike of 1974-5.


STECKLEY, John Lawson., The Soul Concepts of the Huron.

SZALA, Karen Victoria., Clean Women and Quiet Men: Courtship and Marriage in a Newfoundland Fishing Village.


ZULAIKA, Joseba., Fishing as a Cultural System.

CHUTE, Janet Elizabeth., A Comparative Study of the Bark, Bone, Wood and Hide Items Made by the Historic Micmac, Montagnais/Nascapi and Beothuk Indians.


AREFEEN, Helaluddin., The Hindu Caste Model and the Muslim System of Stratification in Bangladesh.

COFFIN, Robert John., The Effects of Dominance Rank and Sex on Preschool Children’s Ploxemic Behaviour.

KEOUGH, Brian M., Huckster Shop to Superette: An Ethnographical Analysis of the Development of thr Output Shop on the Southern Avalon Peninsula.


PARKS, Robert Martin., Territoriality in the Grand Manan Lobster Fishery: A Game Theory Analysis of the Selection and Use of Fishing Locations.

STERNBERG, Leslie., Eastern Newfoundland’s Comparative Arts Festival: A study of Values and Value Conflicts.


HOWARD, Michael C., Political Leadership in a Mayan Village in Southern British Honduras.

KOSTER, Ditte A., Frobisher Bay: Ambiguity and Gossip in a Colonial Situation.

MARTIN, Kent Oliver., The Law in St. John’s says...: Space Division and Resource Allocation in the Newfoundland Community of Fermuse.

WHITE, Donald J., An Analysis of Political Systems Among the Dogon.


HOONAARD, W.C. van den., Local-Level Autonomy: A Case Study of An Icelandic Fishing Community.


CURRAN, J.P., The Process of Mechanication in the Forest Industry of Newfoundland: An Analysis of Technological Change and Worker Resistance to Change.

WEATHERBURN,Maryl.,Changing Ecologic Adaptation in a Newfoundland Fishing Community.