Tahsina Akhter

Tahsina Akhter
Phd Candidate
Department of Anthropology
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Email: tahsinaa@mun.ca


BSS (Sociology) University of Dhaka, 1998

MSS (Sociology) University of Dhaka, 1999

Thesis Role of Social Forestry in Poverty alleviation of Rural Women in Bangladesh.

MA (Research Methodology), Durham University, UK, 2010

Thesis British Public Attitude about Alternatives to Female Imprisonment.

MA (Anthropology), York University, 2020

ThesisUnder the Shadow of Precarity: Political Ecology of Food and South Asian Immigrant Women’s (SAIW) Ethnic Entrepreneurship through Emotional Negotiation Addressed in Canadian Policies.


Commonwealth Scholar for the year 2008-09, United Kingdom.

Publications and Presentations

Akhter T. ​Condition and context of female prisoners in Bangladesh: A sociological analysis for reform (Bengali). ​Shomaj Biggan Shomikkhon (Social Science Review), University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2017.

Akhter T. ​Public Opinion about the Social Impacts on the Family of Women Prisoners in Bangladesh. ​International Journal of Arts and Social Science. Cumberland, RI., USA 2015.
Paper presented at the Conference for Social Sciences and Humanities held at the UNLV Student Union at 4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Akhter T. ​Women Prisoners in Bangladesh: Some Sociological Insights for Reform. Proceeding, International Conference for Social Sciences and Humanities. Istanbul, Turkey. 8-10 September 2014.

Akhter T. ​Necessities of Public Opinion for the Alternatives to Female Imprisonment in Bangladesh: Visions from the UK. Osder Publication, Dhaka, Bangladesh. ISBN: 9789843344502: February 2012.

Akhter T. ​The Role of Social Forestry in Poverty Alleviation of Rural Women: A Sociological Study. Academy Press and Publishers Library. ISBN 9840802356. 2008.

Akhter T. & Hossain KM. ​Social Forestry and Poverty Reduction of Rural Women in Bangladesh. ​ Social Science Review. The Dhaka University Studies. Part D, Volume 24, No. 1., p. 103-124, 2008.

Akhter T. ​Violence Against Women (Bengali). Shomaj Biggan Shomikkhon (Social Science Review). University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2008.

Akhter T. “Teaching and Practices of Sociology: Changes Over Decades-From Theory to Practice in Bangladesh.” Unpublished paper presented at Biannual Conference of Bangladesh Sociological Association. LGED, Bhavan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1 August 2008.

Research Grants

People's Republic of Bangladesh Planning Commission Grant for Research on “Evaluation Report on Post Literacy and Continuous Education for Human Development (PLCED-2)”, Research Associate Mar – June 2017

University of Dhaka Grant for Research on “Public opinions about present correction system” Searching for an alternative for female prisoners in Bangladesh” 2015 - 2016

University of Dhaka Grant for Research on “Public perception of female imprisonment in Bangladesh: An opinion-based research on the causes of imprisonment and class background of the prisoners.” 2014 - 2015

University of Dhaka Grant for Research on “Public opinion about the social impacts on the family of women prisoners in Bangladesh.” 2013 - 2014

UGC (University Grant Commission Bangladesh) Grant ​for Research Project Work “Role of Social Forestry in Poverty Alleviation of Rural Women in Bangladesh.” 2012 - 2013

Research Interest

Primarily I am interested in any area that connects gender discourses. More specifically I have worked on feminist political ecology, feminist political ecology of food, precarious employment, labour relation, Marxism, ethnic entrepreneurship, immigration, South Asian Women in Canada, food security policy, social forestry, female imprisonment, public opinion, primary and secondary literature-based research methodology.