Lincoln Addison


BA, Carleton, 2004
MA, Carleton, 2006
PhD, Rutgers, 2013


Associate Professor 


Phone: (709) 864-7818
Office: Queen's College, QC-4021

Research Interests:

Geographical: Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda); North America

Theoretical and Topical: Development Studies; Environmental and Economic Anthropology; Critical Agrarian Studies; Agriculture; farm workers; land reform; gender relations; migration; religion

Students Interested in working in any of these fields should feel free to contact me to discuss possible honours or graduate thesis supervision.

Selected Publications:

  • 2023 “Amplifying invisibility: COVID-19 and Zimbabwean Migrant Farm Workers in South Africa.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 23 (3): 590– 599.
  • 2022 “Migrant Mothers in High-Value Horticulture: Learning from One Zimbabwean Mother’s Story in South Africa.” Journal of Mother Studies 7: 1-9.
  • 2021 “Women’s Empowerment in Africa: Critical Reflections on the Abbreviated Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (A-WEAI).” African Studies Review 64 (2): 276-291. (First Author with Matthew Schnurr, Christopher Gore, Sylvia Bawa and Sarah Mujabi-Mujuzi). 
  •  2021 “Biotechnology.”  In Handbook of Critical Agrarian Studies, edited by Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Kristina Dietz, Bettina Engels and Ben M. McKay.  Edward Elgar Publishing. 427-437.  (Second author with Matthew Schnurr)
  • 2020  “Limits to Biofortification: Farmer Perspectives on Vitamin A Enriched Banana in Uganda.” Journal of Peasant Studies, 47 (2): 326-345.  (Second Author with Matthew Schnurr and Sarah Mujabi-Mujuzi). 
  •  2020 “Genetically Modified Crops and Gender Relations in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: A Critical Review.”  Journal of Development Perspectives, 4 (1-2): 9-22 (Second Author with Matthew Schnurr, Sylvia Bawa and Christopher Gore).
  • 2019    Chiefs of the Plantation: Authority and Contestation on the South Africa-Zimbabwe Border.  McGill Queens University Press. 
  •  2019   “The Fragility of Empowerment: Changing Gender Relations in a Zimbabwean Resettlement Area.” Review of African Political Economy, 46 (159): 101-116.
  • 2017    “Which Variables Influence Farmer Adoption of Genetically Modified (GM) orphan crops? Measuring Attitudes and Intentions to Adopt GM Matooke Banana in Uganda” AgBioForum, 20 (2): 133-147.  (Second Author with Matthew Schnurr).
  •  2016    “Labor, Gender and New Sources of Agrarian Change: An Introduction.” Agriculture and Human Values, 33 (4): 961-965 (First Author with Matthew Schnurr).
  • 2016    “Growing Burdens?  Disease Resistant Genetically Modified Bananas and the Potential Gendered Implications for Labor.” Agriculture and Human Values, 33 (4): 967-978 (First Author with Matthew Schnurr).
  •  2014 “Delegated Despotism: Frontiers of Agrarian Labor on a South African Border Farm.” Journal of Agrarian Change 14(2): 286-304, 2014.
  • 2014 “The Sexual Economy, Gender Relations and Narratives of Infant Death on a Large Scale Tomato Farm in Northern South Africa.” Journal of Agrarian Change 14(1): 74-93.