Kathleen Gordon


BAA, Ryerson University, 1981
MA, University of Windsor, 1995
PhD, York University, 2002


Associate Professor

Contact: Email: kgordon@mun.ca
Phone: (709) 864-8857
Office: Queen's College, QC-4025

Research Interests:

I joined the department in 2004. My interests include the anthropology of development, economic processes, labour and work, household production and politics. The geographic area where I conduct my research is Latin America and the Andes. I received my PhD in 2002 from York University and my MA in 1995 from the University of Windsor. My research projects for both degrees were focused on political economic processes in Bolivia. For my MA thesis, I explored the historical processes that led to the emergence of the 1970s peasant political movement in the Bolivian highlands. My PhD dissertation examined the labour, economic and political practices of retail vendors of agricultural products in a market town in the southern highland area of Bolivia. In this work I was particularly interested in the way in which the practices of vendors are both interwoven within household reproduction and influenced by state political economic processes. My current research links the scholarly literature on globalization and the political economy of space with an analysis of the ways in which residents of the southern Bolivian highlands contribute to the reconstruction of this region through their livelihood activities. In this project, I am concerned with the practices associated with wholesale trade and how these activities are connected with local, regional and national political economic processes.