Completed BA Honours Essays


BOEHM, Tomoya., Fabricating Differences Amongst the Chinese Working Class


ANDERSON, Bryce., Examining Suicide Rates Among Vulnerable Populations in South Korea


GIROUARD, Monica., Nature and Natural Resources: Exploring Tensions within Forestry Management in Southeast Asia

SHERWIN, Grace Elizabeth., Pocahontas: John Smith's Narratives and the Appropriation of North American History


BEAIRSTO, Bronwyn., Constructin a National Indigeneity: A Case Study of Idle No More’s October 7 2013 Day of Action.

WILSON, Ashley., Constructing Aboriginality Through the Criminal Justice System: A Failed Attempt at Reducing Aboriginal Incarceration Rates.


RYDER, Justin., Queer Migrants and Canadian Refugee and Family Class Immigration Law: Legalization, homonationalism, and queer politics.


ANDERSON, Alexandra., Reinventing the Human Body: Paradoxes of Contemporary Organ Transplant Ideology.

BEAULIEU, Shawni., Bridging Differences: An Analysis of Renato Rosaldo’s Ethnographic Poetry and Prose.

HEYS, Erin., Constructing an Imagined Community: Examining Nationalist Discourse in Newfoundland Historiography.

LOUGHEED, Marion., US Soldiers’ Narratives of Resistance to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.


NEWCOMBE, Katherine., Fanatical Urbanization: The Rise of Gated Communities in South Africa.


BANOUB, David., ‘Espoir’ and Despair in the Newfoundland Village.

WARD, Kayla., Reconceptualizing Genetic Diversity: Risk and Responsibility in Human Genomics Research.


PHILLIPS, Shalanda., There were three in the bed: Discursive desire and the sex lives of swingers.

SHORE, Kate., The Effects of Gender Inequalities and the Structural Adjustment Programme on Women in Rural Nigeria.


CURRAN, Adrienne., Mobility and Adaptability in the Arctic Environment: A Historical Overview of the Canadian Inuit and the Impact of Permanent Settlement on Subsistence Activity.


CHONG, Carolyn., Constructing Identities in Women’s Balkan Folklore Ensemble.


POWER, Michael., The Ideology of Objectivity in North America News Media: An Analysis Illustrated by The Globe and Mail and The New York Times.


GORDON, Karen., Resisting Identity.

JACKMAN, Michael., Performance and Pestilence: Diamanda Gialás and the Gay Plague.


COLBO, Tanya., The Breastfeeding Debate Examined.


McGARRY, Kathryn A., The Mindful Body Revisited: A re-examination of the Relationship Between Body and Mind.


RODGERS, Jared., Mexico’s Pattern of Repression and Rebellion.


NEWTON, Darren S., Life Back at Home: A study of the social characteristics of the return migrants in the Bonavista region.


EARLE, Nancy., The Newfoundland Government’s Attitude Towards Aboriginal Peoples: A Policy of Neglect of the Mi’kmaq People of Newfoundland.


FREAKE, Jill., Institutional Caregiving: A Reconstruction of the Work Experience at Exon House.


DALEY, Karen., Towards an understanding of under-development in Newfoundland.


BARTLETT, David H., Gun control in Canada: Working together to save lives. 


SMITH, Shelley., A Better Chance in the Boston States: An Ethnographic Account of Migratory Domestic Service Among Newfoundland Women – 1920-1940.

Date Unknown

HIGDON, John., Date Late Thule: Historic Inuit Metal Use in Northern Labrador.


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