Completed MA/ Major Research Papers (MRPs)


PRINGLE, Emily., Pikachu, I'll Choose You!


FELT, Alanna., The Bicycle Politic: Tactial Urban and Conditions of Possibility in Bicycle Infrastructure Planning.

KAPFUMVUTI, Julian., Gender and Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe: A Historical Perspective

HARRINGTON, Kara., Paternity Leave and Gender Inequality

OKPARA, Ukachi Lily., Grabbing Lands and Displacing People: The Impacts of Land Grabbing in Ghana

MACDONALD, Ashley., Don't Call it a Comeback: Countering the Myth of the Emerging Urban Agiculture Movement in Detroit

SOARES, Jonathan., Not the Poorest but the Proudest: Rural Romanticism, Subsistence Production, and Class Struggle in Neoliber Newfoundland


HENRY, Jacob., Volunteer Tourism: The Potentiality of a Public Pedagogy


HENNESSEY, Ian., Selling Social Justice: The Rise of Volunteer Tourism in Global Neoliberalization

FRANKLIN, Susannah., Breastfeeding and Food Security: The Relevance of the Barriers of Breastfeeding for Food Security Efforts in Canada


HENNEBURY, Laura., Newfoundland and Labrador’s not-so Lost Generation? An Examination of Youth Migration in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador


HEYS, Erin., Money Talks: How the News Media is Helping to Silence a History of Aboriginal Discrimination in Newfoundland.

TROAKE, Anne., Seeing is Deceiving: Images of Hunting in Visual Media.

MINÉ-GOLDRING, Nathan., The New “Development” Wave: Forecasting High Tides of Gentrification in Parkdale, Toronto.

RIGBY, Benjamin., Environmental Crises and the Management of Perception in the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry.

STERLING, Robert., Re-enabling Disability: Construction of the Blind Self and Overcoming Adversity.


SIMMONS, Karla., The Social Production of Guilt: Talking Back to Greedy Institutions.

WHITTEN, Elizabeth Louise., Here Comes the Gender Police Caster Semenya and the Medicalization of Female Athletes.


LEMKOW, Aaron., CAPPing the Critics: Corporate Environmentalism and the Alberta Oil- Sands.

PORTA, Mariana Paula Soledad., Intensive Mothering: A Current Trend in North American Motherhood.


RUSSEL, Sayeed Al., The Muslim Veiling Debate: An Anthropological Perspective.


STREET, Dwan., Revisiting Sinclair: A Reanalysis of the Emergence of the Northwest Newfoundland Dragger Fleet.


HARRIS, Katie., Governance, Migration, and Labour: A Historical Analysis of Development in Post-Confederation Newfoundland.


HACHÉ, Tracy., Crisis in the Outports: Toward a Theoretical Understanding of Newfoundland Migration.

LALOR, Joshua., Exploring the Implications of “Policy” Through the Memorandum of Understanding Between Newfoundland and Labrador and Ireland.


SAGE, Vanessa., Seeking Albion: Crop Circles and Scared Landscapes.

WHITE, Andrea., A Patient Rereading of the Italian Psychiatric Reform: Franco Basaglia and the Therapeutic Community of Gorizia.


CHIARAMOPNTE, Lugi., Working to be like Everybody Else: Indentify Formation through the Work Culture of Supportive Employment for Disabled Adults.

LUDUEÑA, Gustavo., The Promotion of Religious Traditions for Tourism in Spain.


ALLISON, Jill., Revealing the Hidden: Complexities and Potentialities in Inuit Shamanic Healing.

FARRELL, LeahBeth., The Facade of Cinematic Ireland: An Exploration of the Change in the Representation of Ireland in Selected Cinematic Film from 1934-1996.

HALDER, Rumel., Multiple Histories and Political Economy of a Disaster: Arsenic in Bangladesh as a Case.


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