9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SDG 9 - Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Teaching and Learning:

  • Memorial's new Core Science Facility will contribute greatly to Newfoundland's economic development as well as research and innovation. The new building will help to provide excellence in teaching and learning, research and public engagement and will consist of laboratory teaching spaces, an adaptable shell space for university and industry collaborations, offices and meeting rooms, and more.
  • Memorial's new science building will offer many new opportunities for research. There will be areas for students to work individually, in pairs, and also in large groups. There are also deisgn studios and a student project lab. The new building will also contribute to research collaboration amongst departments.
  • "Memorial signs five-year memorandum of understanding for Nigeria's National Agency of Science and Engineering Infrastructure in February 2020, which will see Memorial increase its research collaborations and attract more... graduate students from West Africa". This promotes infrastructure development in developing countries such as Africa.


Public Engagement: