Water Sustainability

Clean Accessible Water that is Bottle-Free

Banning Bottled Water

Since the signing of the Water Pledge in 2009, Memorial has progressively and systematically eliminated the distribution of plastic bottled water at all university events.  In addition, through environmental and health education programming, it ensures the university community continues to be bottled water free. University food services providers do not provide bottled water at events or at their retail outlets.

Drinking Water

As a result of a university-wide public water access audit, and based on consultation and conjunction with students, faculty and staff of the university community, a priority-based Water Access Plan was launched and resulted in all new buildings having water stations installed with older buildings receiving required installations during renovations. Currently, the university has over 50 filtered bottle refill stations/fountains ensuring that free, good quality drinking water is accessible on all university campuses.

 Locations of filtered water refill stations

In an effort to instill lifestyle change in its student population, every year the student unions and Student Life provide reusable bottles to thousands of new students so that they can make use of the water stations and eliminate their need to purchase bottled water.

The university has a sampling and testing program for drinking water, and a drinking water committee.