Food Systems

Fair Trade. Local. Everyday Best Practices

Fair Trade

Memorial University became a Fair Trade Campus in 2016 and continues to be committed to supporting, and educating its campus communities about, fair trade. Fairtrade standards include social, economic, and environmental requirements, and prohibit child labour and forced labour in the harvesting, production, and manufacturing of goods. Fair trade standards encourage continuous improvement of developing farmers’ organizations and the living and working conditions of estate workers.

Food Security

Located in the greenspace behind Queen's College at Memorial's St. John's campus, the Community Garden is a place for the Memorial community to grow food, work together, and enjoy the outdoors.

Campus Dining

At Memorial, food services are provided through Aramark’s MUN Dining program.  Aramark has established a Sustainable Sourcing Framework to guide its end-to-end management of environmental and social impacts in its supply chain, aligned with enterprise business objectives. 

Initiatives and Best Practices

There are a number of additional initiatives and best practices that are a part of the everyday management of food services and the promotion of food sustainability at Memorial. These efforts include:

  • Signal Hill Campus
    • Food services, provided by Red Oak Catering, endeavours to use local seafood products (like cod, ice shrimp, lobster, and crab) whenever possible. 
  • Marine Institute Campus
    • The MI’s Catering and Conference Services manages the campus cafeteria and only purchases NL-sourced cod fish, baby shrimp, and scallops.
    • Eliminated styrofoam soup bowls and coffee cups. Items used are paper based.