Group counselling is often the preferred approach for resolving issues facing students. Some of the groups that are routinely offered include: 

Academic Support/Study Skills
These drop-in sessions help students with reading and study skills, time management, writing term papers and essays, and test anxiety.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)*
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or “ACT” is a mindfulness-based behavioral therapy that focuses on psychological flexibility and valued engagement in life. ACT can be summarized as accepting what is out of your personal control, and committing to action that improves and enriches your life.

Anxiety and Depression
Using cognitive & behavioral approaches to support participants to explore various ways to cope with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Participants will also have opportunities to discuss and explore what strategies work best for them and why. Worksheets will be provided to support participants to practice activities introduced in each class.

Career Seminar
The purpose of the Career Planning Group is to assist currently registered students in making education and career choices that are compatible with their interests, values, and abilities.

Mindfulness Meditation (Monday - Wednesday - Friday)
Mindfulness is a mental training practice that involves focusing your mind on your experiences in the present moment.

Oasis / Green Mindfulness
A collaborative wellness event focusing on stress reduction, social skills, self-care and connecting with others. Oasis includes plant and pet therapy as well as painting and popcorn.

Social-Emotional Skills
Workshops focus on various aspects of social-emotional development. Topics include helpful approaches to communication, identifying, understanding, and responding to emotions adaptively, tolerating and coping with distressing emotions, and building mindfulness skills.

Weekly Wellness
Interactive activities and discussions related to mental and physical health. Our weekly sessions will cover topics such as mindfulness, healthy eating, sleeping habits, and more. This program will help you manage stress and improve your daily life and overall health.

More focused groups are offered in response to student needs. For example, groups focusing on sexual abuse, and gender issues have been offered in the past.

Group counselling sessions for currently registered students are weekly and range from one hour to two hours for the duration of the semester.

To book an appointment to speak with one of our counsellors to discuss group options and availability, please fill out the online request form here. Group punctuality is important so please be on time for your group. If you are unable to attend your group meeting, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance by emailing