Questions regarding charges


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding charges for services or products at the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre:

Will I get a reminder of my upcoming appointment?
Yes. Reminders to students will be administered via HealthMyself at least 8 hours in advance of their appointment.

Will I get a receipt after my appointment?
Students will be issued a receipt for all charges in order to invoice their respective independent insurance companies.

What is included in the inoculation fee?
This includes supplies, sharps disposal and anaphylaxis emergency preparation kit.

What is included in an Attention Deficit Disorder Assessment?
This is a process completed by a specialty trained professional to determine if an ADHD diagnosis is to be made. All ADHD assessments include an extensive interview and the application of various symptom-rating scales.

What is included in a Learning Disability Assessment?
This is a comprehensive assessment by a specialized professional to diagnose a learning disability. The process may take several hours and consists of an interview and a series of different types of tests.

The following charges can be charged to a patient/client upon receipt of the services/products attained:
Physician appointments: if you don’t have a MCP card or provincial health care card (ie OHIP, MSI) excluding Quebec. *(See below for details) $40
Missed appointment fee for physicians $30
Missed appointment fee for psychiatrist $100-300
MUN Medical Certificate – Note for employer, school or professional use $20
Transfer of Medical Records: varies by size of chart $30 base fee
Disability Medicals (not covered by MCP) $50
Athletic Medical – Varsity Sports (not covered by MCP) $100
Homecare medical (not covered by MCP) $50
Drivers licence medicals (not covered by MCP) $100
Medical not listed above will be priced at the physician's discretion as they are not covered by MCP Cost will vary between $40 - $100
Professional Letters of support: Differs from a MUN medical certificate, includes supporting documentation $15 base fee + copy of records /supporting documentation
Insertion of Copper IUD, device provided by clinic $65
Administration on IM antibiotics, drug included $10













Please Note: All vaccines administered to students will include a $10 in inoculation fee, with the exclusion of TB skin testing which includes a $5 - $20 testing fee. Inoculation and testing fees will be subject to CPI rate increases annually on July 1st. The CPI will only apply to the inoculation fee, the actual vaccination cost increases will be reflected in the cost. These charges are inclusive of the inoculation fee.

With the exception of Quebec, all provinces and territories have an agreement whereby physicians in each province or territory submit claims to their local medical care plan for services provided to residents of the other Canadian jurisdictions. The fees for the services are paid to the physician and the costs are then charged to the resident’s home plan. Therefore if you are a resident of Quebec you will be required to pay upfront for physician visits and you can request a form signed by a physician to submit for reimbursement.


Other charges at the SWCC include:

Gardasil HPV Vaccine $187.00
Varicella “Chicken Pox” Vaccine $76.00
Twinrix Vaccine (Hep. A and B vaccine) $65.00
Hepatitis A Vaccine $63.00
Hepatitis B Vaccine $36.00
MMR vaccine $11.00
Tdap vaccine $11.00
Vivaxim vaccine (Hepatitis A and Typhoid combined Vaccine) $89.00
Polio Vaccine $63.00
Meningococcal ACWY Vaccine $119.00
Meningococcal B Vaccine $125.00
Typhoid $40.00
Tuberculin Skin Testing – One step testing $20.00
Tuberculin Skin Testing – Two step testing $25.00