Counselling Services

Registered clinical psychologists and wellness counsellors, along with supervised doctoral residents and graduate students, provide short-term therapy for currently registered students. 

Students come to the SWCC with a variety of personal issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, family-of-origin conflict, loneliness, abuse, eating disorders, trauma, anger management, substance abuse, and issues related to gender and sexuality.

Short-term counselling can take the form of a single one-hour session to a maximum of 8 one-hour sessions per student per academic year, depending on the type of service required. 

Diagram of Pathways available at SWCC

There are various types of appointments available including: 

  • Initial Consultations
  • Solution-Focused Sessions
  • Psychotherapy
  • Group Therapy

In some cases, referrals to other on-campus or SWCC services (see Diagram D3) or to external professional, community and/or electronic resources (see Diagram D4) may be made.

Students with concerns that exceed our scope of practice will be assisted by the SWCC in identifying their concerns and facilitating connections to appropriate community resources. 

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