Harrison McCain Scholarship/Bursary

One School Nomination only Required 

The Harrison McCain Scholarships/Bursaries are available annually to entering students attending University who have graduated from a high school in Canada. Each award has a program value of $16,000 payable over a four year course of study in the amount of $4,000 per year. Criteria for the awards include a minimum 80% average in senior year of high school, financial need, leadership qualities, and a recognized initiative in funding your own education. The number of scholarships/bursaries available may vary from year to year. Renewal criteria to be met each year.

The Harrison McCain Scholarship/Bursary application is a writeable application form which can be downloaded and then saved to a personal computer for completion. Once complete, the application can be printed and submitted along with the other required documentation. Click here if you require an additional personal essay form.

Before you submit your application, review the for the Check List 2023 to ensure the Harrison McCain Scholarship/Bursary application is complete .

Deadline for receipt of the completed 2023/2024 is February 27, 2023.