SafetyNet is home to a large number of completed/archived projects on a broad range of topics related to occupational health and safety, and is currently involved in several others that are still ongoing.  Click on the project headings to learn more.

Ongoing Projects

Health & Safety Culture at Memorial University

Return to Work Among Mobile Workers from Atlantic Canada

Evidence in Context for Occupational Health & Safety (EC-OHS)

Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP)

Agricultural Safety Research and Knowledge Mobilization for NL

On the Move Partnership

Rural Policy Learning Commons


Completed Projects

Recently Completed

Preventing Occupational Disease

Engaging Health Care Providers in Return to Work

Tracking Occupational Exposure and Disease

Educational Offerings in OHS

Baie Verte Miner's Registry

Safe Wharves

Participatory Ergonomics


Occupational Asthma in Snow Crab Processing Workers

Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Snow Crab Processing Workers


Styrene Exposure and Perceptions of Risk in the Fiberglass Boat Building Industry: A Community-Based Comparison

Offshore Employment: Implications for Health and Well-Being of Individuals, Families and Communities

Consensus-Based Evaluation of Safety Management Systems: A Model and Pilot Studies in Oil Refining and Mining

Surface Exposure to Cold

Cognition During Exposure to Cold

Work and Performance in Cold Deep-Sea Conditions

Atlantic Networks for Prevention Research - Workplace Research Unit (ANPR-WRU)

Eastern Canada Research Consortium on Workplace Health and Safety




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