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SafetyNet Reports

SafetyNet and its Future, Final Report, 2017

SafetyNet Presentations

Reach & impact: Promising strategies for primary prevention. Presented at the 4th Annual Symposium on Occupational Health & Disease Prevention (OHCOW), Missasauga, ON, October 29, 2018. ( view)

Research centres and the publically engaged university: Lessons from the SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Research. Presented at People, Place, and Public Engagement, October 25th - 27th, 2018. ( view)

Kevin Hedges- Diesel fumes - how harmful are they? December 14th, 2015

Dr. Barbara Neis - Working on the Edge (Royal Society of Canada New Fellow Lecture Series) February 19, 2015

Recent Reports / Publications

Weather and Fishing Safety in Newfoundland Story Map (with NL Fish Harvesters Safety Association, funded by a Mitacs Accelerate Cluster Grant)

Roundtable on Forecast Use in Atlantic Canada. MEOPAR Report. (February, 2016)

Davis, Bryan. 2019. Reducing fishing vessel capsizing in Newfoundland and Labrador by establishing a relationship between common causes and operators’ understanding of stability and risk. Thesis, Master of Engineering, Memorial University.

Executive Summary - Preventing Occupational Disease: Designing a System that Wo (March, 2017)

Final Report - Tracking Occupational Exposure and Disease: An Analysis of Approaches for the Canadian Context (January 2014)

Agricultural Safety

Fish Harvesting:


Fish Processing:




Participatory Ergonomics


Other Health and Safety Issues:

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