The “Evidence in Context for Occupational Health and Safety (EC-OHS)” was funded in 2014 by the Workers’ Compensation Board of Manitoba’s Research and Workplace Innovation Program and involved a collaboration between researchers at the Institute for Work & Health and SafetyNet.

The purpose of EC-OHS was to develop and test an innovative methodology for providing decision support for provincial and local occupational health and safety (OHS) stakeholders by synthesizing the best available evidence on questions chosen by them, and then contextualizing the results to produce recommendations geared to be effective in their specific contexts.



 “Evidence in Context Occupational Health and Safety Operational Handbook” can used by OHS stakeholders seeking to improve policy and/or practice by contextualizing the results of a research synthesis (e.g. a systematic review) on a particular OHS issue.

Managing Depression in the Workplace” is an example of this contextualization approach being applied to the findings of an updated systematic review on managing depression in the workplace, contextualized for the province of Manitoba.


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