Styrene Exposure

Project Title

Styrene Exposure and Perceptions of Risk in the Fibreglass Boat Building Industry: A Community-Based Comparison


This project aimed to determine if there are differences in risk perception between boat building plant workers, employers, health personnel, stakeholders, and policymakers. It also aimed to determine the factors affecting risk perception among these four target groups, to assess the extent to which predetermined factors can account for variance in risk perception, and to determine if risk perception is a direct or moderator variable for predicting behavioural intentions.

List of Project Outputs

Lead Investigator

Christine Arlett, Department of Psychology, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Principal Investigators

Stacey Wareham, SafetyNet, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Terrence Callanan, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Other Team Members

Sean Casey, Department of Labour, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador



Wareham-Fowler, S., & Fowler, K. (2010).  Risk perception, safety behaviour, employment precarity and community attachment: The case of Newfoundland and Labrador fibreglass boat-building workers.  policy and practice in Health and Safety, 8(1), 43-60.

Completed Theses

Wareham, S. (2008).  Exploring safety behaviours in the Newfoundland fibreglass boat-building industry: A community-based study.  Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Psychology.  Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Contact Information

SafetyNet, Memorial University of Newfoundland


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