A Second Wind

....Linda lives in rural Newfoundland with her disabled husband and teenage daughter. Like many women, she works in the local crab processing plant. While struggling to keep her family together, Linda is forced to confront the secret she has been desperately trying to hide....

A Second Wind is a 22 minute drama about the issues and dilemmas associated with occupational asthma to snow crab. The drama is designed to promote awareness and discussion about this occupational disease and the challenges it can create for workers, their families and employers in the shellfish processing industry in Eastern Canada.

Available on DVD, the drama comes with a package of background information on shellfish occupational asthma including frequently asked questions about the drama and this occupational health problem. The package also includes a Facilitator's Guide to help guide discussion after screening A Second Wind.

A Second Wind and the related material are designed for use with employers, workers, occupational health experts, policy makers, health practitioners and in postsecondary and high school OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) courses.

The core objective of the Facilitator's Guide is to encourage and support open discussion and brainstorming about the issues and dilemmas associated with dealing with shellfish occupational asthma and allergy in rural and remote communities. It is also designed to encourage discussion of the policy changes that might be needed to protect the occupational health of workers employed in shellfish processing and other, similar rural and remote industries.

For more information on obtaining the DVD please contact the SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Research, Memorial University at safetynet@mun.ca.

Characters in this production are fictional. Any resemblance to persons alive or dead are strictly coincidental.