IP Portfolio


Memorial's IP Portfolio can be viewed on ExploreIP. The portfolio includes a number of innovative technologies that are available for licensing, partnerships or other research opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about these technologies, please contact RIO


Patents Available for Licensing

Wideband Piezoelectric Vibratory MEMS Harvester

Patent No: PCT/CA2019/050588

Inventors: Lihong Zhang; Seyedfakhreddin Nabavi

Abstract: A new piezoelectric MEMS energy harvesting structure capable of vibrating with multiple degrees-of-freedom, with enhanced (i.e. widened) operational bandwidth and functioning at lower frequencies (e.g. 218Hz-285Hz). The vibration level required to trigger the MEMS is extremely small allowing it to convert ambient vibrations, such as blowing wind, ocean waves, road vibration or human motions, to electricity effectively and efficiently.

Vibration Assisted Rotary Drilling (VARD) Tool

Patent No: CA2950826; US10214972

Inventors: Steve Butt; Brock Gillis; Pushpinder Rana

Abstract: Vibration assisted rotary drilling (VARD) tools that provide axial compliance and low amplitude axial displacements at the drill bit, while transmitting the full rotary speed and torque of the drill string to increase drilling penetration rate. The VARD tools consist of: An axially compliant section which transfers axial load across the tool; A mechanism for opposing ends of the tool to displace axially relative to each other; An energy absorbing section which dampens axial bit displacements; A rotation transfer section which allows any rotation and torque applied to the drill string above the tool to be applied to the bit; An optional axial force generating section.

Method for the Conversion of Nitrous Acid to Nitrogen Gas

Patent No: US10406513

Inventors: Michael Katz; Cora Young; Trevor VandenBoer; Michaela Deborah Ryan; John Joseph MacInnis

Abstract: A method for sensing and converting nitrous acid (HONO) to nitrogen gas (N2) by contacting the HONO with an amine-functionalized metal organic framework (MOF). The MOF can be made in many different shapes from flat surface to tubes which makes it available to various applications.

Porous Sorptive Solid Phase Microextraction Devices And Preparation Thereof

Patent No: PCT/CA2022/050316; CA3,210,130; US18/548,618

Inventors: Christina Bottaro; Aliasghar Golbabanezhadazizi; Fereshteh Shahhoseini; Evan Langille

Abstract: The present application relates to processes of preparing a plurality of porous sorptive solid phase microextraction (SPME) devices and also to the porous sorptive SPME devices prepared therefrom, including porous sorptive SPME metallic and fiberglass mesh supported devices. The present application also relates a method of using the porous sorptive SPME devices to extract one or more analytes from a sample matrix such as a bodily fluid or a water sample.

Power Generation Unit For Oceanographic Sensor Moorings

Patent No: CA3002334; US10,641,237

Inventors: Andrew Cook; Adam Press; Geoff Holden

Abstract: An oceanographic sensor mooring section for use with standard oceanographic moorings comprising: mooring oceanographic equipment, such as floatation devices and sensors; and a subsurface power generation unit connected to the mooring oceanographic equipment, wherein the mooring section has connective swivels at opposing ends thereof for attachment of the mooring section to standard oceanographic moorings, mooring lines, or mooring anchors, to allow the mooring section to independently orient in the direction of current flow. The subsurface power generation unit comprises a battery and power management/tracking electronics and a rim turbine generating unit that harnesses the power of underwater currents to power any sensors and related electronics equipment.