Research Participation Agreements (RPA)

A Research Participation Agreement (RPA) helps students, faculty, and staff at Memorial understand their rights and responsibilities if they choose to participate in research that involves a sponsor or partner outside of the university. If you choose to participate in such a project, you are required to complete an RPA before you begin working on the project.

The RPA process is as follows:

  • The Research, Initiatives & Services (RIS) office informs RIO that a given project may require students and non-MUNFA staff working on the project to sign an RPA.
  • RIO contacts the project’s Principal Investigator (PI) to inquire if there will be any students and/or non-MUNFA staff working on the project.
  • RIO contacts the student(s) and/or non-MUNFA staff, arranges a meeting time, and gives an overview of the RPA document and the contract between Memorial University and the third-party sponsor.
  • Upon receipt of the signed RPA, RIO uploads the document to ROMEO, under the project’s file number, and informs the project’s PI that the student or non-MUNFA staff has signed the RPA.
  • If any student(s) and/or non-MUNFA staff join the project after the initial RPAs have been signed, it is the responsibility of the PI to inform RIO so that the student(s) and/or non-MUNFA staff can begin the RPA process.





  • An RPA helps university members understand their obligations to sponsors or partners outside of Memorial.
  • Sometimes sponsors or partners have some claim over the research results - it is important to understand how this will affect your work.
  • You will be informed when an RPA is required for your project.
  • You can choose whether you wish to participate in research that involves a sponsor or partner.