RIO Metrics

 The impact of research at Memorial and RIO.





Intellectual Property Support

Intellectual property disclosures received

RIO reviews disclosure to confirm the following information:(1) clarify ownership of research results, (2) determine to any sponsors or partners, and,(3) identify opportunities outside of Memorial to further advance research

20 20 23 

Number of Springboard Atlantic Innovation Mobilization (IM) Awards

Total count of Springboard IM awards received


Value of Springboard Atlantic Innovation Mobilization Awards

Sum of total Springboard IM funding received

$10,239.66  $96,823.37  $72,036.34
Stakeholder Engagement

Number of meetings with students, staff and faculty

Total count of meetings with students, staff and faculty

237 190 196

Researcher Participation Agreements (RPA) meetings

Total count of students/staff met for RPAs

163 223 261 

Number of internal workshops hosted

Total count of all participants in internal workshops hosted by RIO

427 403  907

Supporting start-ups/scale-ups (#)

Total count of all companies that RIO has met with to provide advice, supports or as part of programming (for example: IBC & TR&D)

149 158 109
Programming Delivered

Number of L2M Oceans participants

Includes Memorial and others

18 20 20

Number of CDL participants

Includes Memorial MBA students participants

2 2 4

Number of fellowships awarded

Includes total Insight Business Consulting and Translational R&D student participants

  22 22

Each annual period represents a fiscal year (April 1 - March 31) 

An overview of Memorial's performance is available in the President's Report. To learn more about research performance, refer to the Vital Signs section of the report.