How to Apply

Online Application:

Please note: Nursing (4-Year Option and Accelerated Option) begins each year in the Fall semester only. LPN Bridging is the only admission option that begins each in the Spring semester. Applicants must apply online.

All other nursing applicants (4-Year option, Accelerated Option, and LPN Bridging Option) must follow the steps to apply on Memorial's main website, found here.

On the nursing application, applicants must rank their Nursing Site preference(s). It is recommended that you choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice campus on your application. 

No Fee to apply for current MUN students:

If you are a current Memorial University student, there is no fee to apply to Nursing. If you are not a current Memorial University student, you will be required to pay a Memorial University application processing fee.

Students New to Memorial University:

If you are new to Memorial University, there are TWO admission decisions: one for general admission to Memorial University and one for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN). To be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Nursing you must be accepted to Memorial University. If you have been accepted to Memorial University, but not to the BScN, you can still attend Memorial University.

The application to the BScN (Collaborative) Program consists of:

  • The Nursing application
  • Personal Statement (which can be found with the Nursing application)
  • ONE* completed Reference Form from an ACADEMIC source using the required reference form
  • Completion of CASPer test
  • Submission of required transcripts

*LPN Bridging applicants must provide two letters of reference. One reference must be from an academic source and the other must be from an individual that can assess clinical performance. LPN Bridging applicants must select to apply to the Spring semester, NOT the Fall semester on their Memorial University application. The Bridging semester begins in the Spring, not the Fall. Additionally, bridging applicants must provide a copy of their current LPN license issued by the College of Licenced Practical Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Any issues with the online Nursing application can be directed to the Memorial University Admissions Office or by emailing