Remote Learning Classroom Guidelines

While in a remote learning classroom space, please adhere to the following guidelines for use:

Wear your mask – all students using this space must follow Memorial’s current mask requirements.

Clean your space – Before and after use, wipe down your study space with the provided supplies.

Be courteous to each other – keep your noise low as reasonably possible and clean up any mess you may have made. Students will be speaking, so please be aware of and monitor your own volume. These spaces are not intended for group work.

Use your headphones - To reduce noise, headphones should be used at all times.

Do not use a space with an electrical outlet unless you need to - If your device is sufficiently charged, please do not use a space with an electrical outlet, rather leave these spaces for others who may not be fully charged.

Refrain from eating or drinking in this space – You are welcome to drink water in the space.

Do not leave your belongings unattended - This location is not locked and is not monitored to reduce theft.

Once finished, exit the space - When your remote class(es) is finished, exit the space to provide access for other students. Individual and group study spaces are available from Memorial Libraries.

To report an emergency on campus call Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP): 864-4100.

To report an issue with the space, call Facilities Management work control: 864-7600.

To report an issue with the wireless network, call Information Technology Service Desk: 864-4595.

Feedback about Remote Learning Classrooms? Email us:



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