After-the-Exam Reflection

It's important to invest in yourself as a student, and an essential part of that is reflecting on your experience to see how far you've come and how you can readjust to set (and achieve!) new goals.

Success and growth in university are best achieved by seeing your entire program as a long-term interwoven process. Each midterm, exam, assignment, project, and test is just one academic encounter within an overall experience (i.e. your degree).

You can use tests, assignments, and course grades as a benchmark moment to set yourself up for continued improvement and success. To do this kind of reflection, ask yourself - what were your successes? What strategies have worked? What new strategies could you use? What will your goal be?

Try using these resources to help you reflect and readjust after assessments like tests, midterms, quizzes, or exams:

  • Post-Test Reflection - Complete this guided reflection as soon as possible after writing your exam.
  • Post-Grade Reflection - Complete this guided reflection within three days of receiving your exam grade.

If you're looking for new strategies to try after completing your reflections, check out the ASC's learning skills resources library. From the SQ4R method to study planning to managing exam stress and much more - we've got you covered! 

For assistance with completing the assessment forms, view our visual resources below!

Post-Test & Post-Grade Reflections [Visual Resource]

You wrote your test, now what? Let's discuss where to go from here. We look at what to do after your test and after you receive your grade. Take the chance to make your assignments/tests/exams set you up to ace your next course and unlock how you do your best learning.










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