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DATE: December 4, 2006

Memorial's University’s presence on the World Wide Web has been given a whole new look. Today, the university launched its new, completely revamped institutional presence on the World Wide Web. The new site has been in the works for over six months and reflects the new institutional brand which itself was launched this past spring. Located at www.mun.ca,  the redesigned site is not just about a new look, but also sports an array of new navigational features and useful links. The university’s recruiters and marketing officials note the new site will dramatically improve the experience of visiting www.mun.ca .
Specifically, Memorial’s new web site contains:
.           Memorial's new logo
.           A co-ordinated colour palette
.           A larger, easier-to-read typeface
.           Improved navigation for the entire Memorial site
.           Menus on the left side of the page for departmental sites
         A list of quicklinks and main page menu items on every page
.           A tool for finding people and pages on every page
 The new design allows for a variety of visual designs that still remain within the www.mun.ca design concept. “Through the use of different colour schemes, photos and layouts, each department, office or unit can develop a website that reflects the unique characteristics of their group,” said Michael Pickard, Memorial’s associate director (marketing).
            “As early as the end of this week, we’ll be doing some careful analysis of the feedback we receive,” Mr. Pickard said. “From the beginning, we worked with our users, with our target audiences and Web page content managers to ensure that our new site was not only functional but also meshed well with our communications and marketing goals.”
            Mr. Pickard said that he is particularly interested in hearing what people from outside the university and outside the province think of the new site.
Memorial’s web site also contains Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, a feature which allows visitors to subscribe the university’s news services without having to come back again and again to the same link to see if it has been updated. In recent weeks, the university has also added a podcast to its menu of electronic news services. The podcast – titled Studio 1024 – is named after the office number of the Department of Marketing and Communications, the unit that produces the podcast. “Podcasts are a method of distributing an audio file – in this case our weekly news roundup – over the Internet”, said Ivan Muzychka, Memorial’s manager of communications. “We know our audiences are increasingly looking to get news about Memorial in many different formats and we felt that the podcast was a next step. The podcast is relatively inexpensive to produce, fun to listen to, and also allows our audiences to listen to the newscast at their convenience.”
Studio 1024 is available at www.mun.ca/marcomm/podcasts/ and can be subscribed to using iTunes.

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