Indigenous Student Resource Centre

Pjila’si, Atelihai, Tunngasugit,
Tshima minu-takushiniekᵘ,
Bienvenue, Welcome

The Indigenous Student Resource Centre (ISRC) at the St. John’s Campus, Memorial University would like to welcome you to our virtual home. We are so happy to assist current and future students as they walk their path through post-secondary education at Memorial.

The ISRC exists to:

  1. Support students by creating a welcoming community, by providing an engaging and inclusive space, and by offering an array of programs and resources to ensure success.
  2. Work collaboratively with the University, University partners, and Indigenous communities and organizations to grow cooperative relationships rooted in mutual respect.

The ISRC is dedicated to ensuring all Indigenous students have their very best experience as they embark on their post-secondary journey at Memorial University’s St. John’s campus. We will accompany Indigenous students on their journey by:

  • Providing students with a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming space and community at Memorial.
  • Providing students with the community and resources necessary to overcome barriers within the university.
  • Providing students with cultural experiences and resources necessary to ensure personal wellbeing.

We will walk this path with purpose and are guided by the values and principles of:

  • Empowerment
  • Education
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Humility
  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Reciprocity
  • Appreciation
  • Patience

The ISRC has many programs and services for Indigenous students on the St. John’s Campus, and we have a dedicated staff made up of the:

  • ISRC Manager
  • Coordinator for Indigenous Student Success
  • Indigenous Wellness Navigator

Our staff offices are located at 208 Elizabeth Avenue, in our Indigenous Student House (ISH), which we hope will be your home away from home and a space of community, connection, and support. The ISH offers students a computer room, lounge, kitchen, and is the site for the services and programming offered by the ISRC.

Services include: tutoring, study and work spaces, scholarship information.

Programming include: Visiting Elders, Tent Gatherings, Bannock and Board Games, Wisdom Wednesdays, drumming and singing.


The ISRC may be reached by email at, or by phone at (709)-864-3495.

Please see our Staff page if you are looking for someone specific.