Office of Indigenous Affairs

Pjila’si, Atelihai, Tunngasugit,
Tshima minu-takushiniekᵘ,
Welcome, Bienvenue

The Office of Indigenous Affairs exists to:

  1. Guide, oversee and support Memorial University in its efforts to Indigenize the academy. Indigenization is more than just seeing our cultures and histories represented in curriculum; it must extend beyond teaching and learning to include research, administration, governance, facilities, operations, and everything in between. The Office of Indigenous Affairs will ensure that Memorial does this in a good way, and to the benefit of all Indigenous students and communities.
  2. Provide support to Memorial University in building and maintaining positive relationships with Indigenous students and communities.
  3. Ensure that research and policy development are done in a good way, according to Indigenous protocols.
  4. Advocate on behalf of Indigenous students and communities.

Our vision is to create a Memorial University where every aspect of the academy is integrated with Indigenous ways of doing, being and knowing. When no students have to worry about anti-Indigenous racism, and space has been made for us so that we see ourselves, as Indigenous peoples, reflected campus wide–in the hallways and in the classrooms, with our ways of knowing and being woven into all programs and resources–we will know this vision is reality.

On the journey to achieve this vision, the Office of Indigenous Affairs has established five immediate goals:

  1. To guide and support the Indigenization of Memorial University.
  2. To increase knowledge of Indigenous peoples, places, and histories, in a manner that supports decolonization and reconciliation.
  3. To ensure that Memorial University understands the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and strives to advance reconciliation and respond to the 94 calls to action.
  4. To increase Indigenous student success by ensuring Memorial University provides an inclusive environment.
  5. To act as a point of contact for Indigenous peoples and communities to support positive community engagement and relationship building.

Contact Us:

Office of Indigenous Affairs
Memorial University
Bruneau Centre, Room IIC 2002
St. John's, NL Canada A1C 5S7

Catharyn Andersen
Vice-President (Indigenous)

April White
Administrative Secretary

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