The admissions committee is responsible for evaluating application files of prospective students. The committee decides on acceptance/rejection of each file.


Membership of Admissions committee:

  1. Dr. Meghan Burchell - Associate Dean School of Graduate Students - Memorial University
  2. Dr. Jacqueline Blundell - Acting Associate Dean of Science, Research and Graduate Studies - Faculty of Science; Professor in the Department of Psychology - Memorial University 
  3. Dr. Reza Tabrizchi - Vice-Dean. Research and Graduate Studies - Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University
  4. Dr. Kelly Vodden - Chair of Environmental Studies, Memorial University
  5. Dr. Emmanuel Haven - Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University

Students successfully admitted into the ID PhD program will normally hold a master's degree and an excellent academic record.

Individuals interested in applying for admission to the ID PhD program are advised to follow the instructions on the School of Graduate Studies website.

The deadlines for applications are as follows:

February 15, 2024 for Fall entry

In addition to the normal application requirements, applicants are advised of the need to submit:

• A detailed research proposal
• A ID PhD Letter of Commitment form completed and signed by 3 Memorial University faculty members and endorsed by the appropriate academic unit head and Dean (where applicable)