Prospective Students


Applications to the Interdisciplinary PhD should include a detailed proposal of study in addition to the relevant forms listed here.

The proposal of study should be between 10-20 pages, including a substantial bibliography (usually between 3-5 pages). The proposal should include sections on:

  • Context - the context of your research project, situating what it is about and why it is relevant, explaining how your research is fundamentally interdisciplinary.
  • Significance - where it stands in relation to other projects in the field, how it differs, what hitherto unanswered questions it addresses.
  • Objectives - what are the main objectives of your research, how do these objectives intersect the different disciplines involved.
  • Methodologies - how do you propose to go about your research, what methods of research practice and analysis from the different disciplines involved are you proposing to use.
  • Literature review - situate your project in relation to related work in the relevant fields, and show your knowledge of current related research.
  • Supervisory committee - provide a brief justification for the supervisors and the disciplines involved in your research project.

Tip: Remember at each step of the proposal to maintain strong grounds for the interdisciplinary nature of your research project; if it can be done within one discipline, then you should be applying to that discipline for PhD study.

For more information regarding Memorial's Interdisciplinary PhD program, or to submit an application, please visit our Become a Graduate Student website.

If you have questions regarding the program please contact the Administrative Programs Assistant, Ms. Katrielle Edmond, at edm428 [at] mun [dot] ca.