Program Overview

Approved in 2007, the Interdisciplinary PhD (ID PhD) program is intended for students whose academic interests cross multiple academic disciplines. ID PhD students typically have excellent academic records and a clear understanding of their research topic at the time of application. The program is offered by part-time and full-time study, and administered by the Director, Dr. Emmanuel Haven, along with the School of Graduate Studies ID Ph.D. committee.

The program consists of a number of courses (at least 3), plus a comprehensive exam (written and oral) and thesis.

Each student's graduate program is guided by a supervisory committee consisting of at least 3 faculty members appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies at the time of admission. The ID PhD Director is an ex-officio member of each ID PhD supervisory committee.

The supervisory committee's role is to supervise the overall program and charged with recommending appropriate courses, setting and scheduling comprehensive examinations, aiding in development of a research proposal, and preparing a thesis for examination. The supervisory committee is also responsible for recommending fellowship support to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the ID PhD committee at the time of admission.

For more information on this program, students are encouraged to refer to the appropriate University regulations.