Geo Vista Park

an old stone well sits in Geo Vista Park


Johnson Geo Vista Park takes you back through hundreds of millions of years.

Opened in 2007, it provides eight interlooped walkways through spectacular natural rocks and plants, and along some old structures from earlier settlements on historic Signal Hill. You’ll love the many breathtaking views of old St. John’s and its storied harbour. It’s a true breath of fresh air.

Geo Vista Park’s features:

Johnson Geo Vista Park is more than just another pretty rockface. You’ll find lots to explore…

  • 11 Traditional Stoneworks;
  • 10 Geological Historyboards®;
  • 10 Botanical Historyboards®;
  • Our Outdoor Classroom.

Ever felt like you were getting old? A visit to Johnson Geo Vista Park will help you feel young all over again! The rocks of Signal Hill are:

  • 450 million years older than the first formations of the Rocky Mountains!
  • 350 million years older than the early Atlantic Ocean!
  • 300 million years older than the First Dinosaurs!
  • 150 million years older than the First Land Animals!

Whether you start or end your Johnson Geo Centre visit with a walk through Geo Vista Park, be sure not to miss this chance to stroll back through the ages, high atop Signal Hill. Go ahead… make your day!