Puppet Show "Melody and the Fishes"

Melody and the Fishes, by Sharon King-Campbell, is a puppet play that tells the tale of a Newfoundland woman coming home to her roots. Joining Skipper as crew on his fishing boat, Melody is lost overboard. In the ocean, she transforms into a cod fish and, with the help of the Fishimagician and Caitlin the Capelin, tries to find her way home. Dealing with the ravages of overfishing, drilling in sensitive environments, and climate change, Melody and the Fishes takes you on a deep journey beneath the seas. Suitable for all ages.

Melody and the Fishes is generously supported by Future Ocean and Coastal infrastructures - FOCI (www.fociresearch.ca), a project of The Ocean Frontier Institute (https://www.ofi.ca), funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. This performance is also funded by Memorial University‚Äôs Johnson Geo Centre through their The Science of the Arts series.

Admission is free, but pre-registration is required.

Location: Johnson Geo Centre

Date and Time: Friday, May 24th at 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM (NDT)

For more information: https://munbg.online.red61.ca/event/314:31/314:265/