Entrepreneurial Ignition: A Summer Bootcamp 2023

ETP Summer poster 2023

Our summer ETP, Entrepreneurial Ignition, is an 8-week program running from June 1 to July 31, 2023. It features a series of workshops covering various topics such as entrepreneurial mindset development, ideation and business model development, business planning, legal considerations, customer discovery and pitching skills, financial management, and mentorship and networking. With guest speakers from MUN, PropelICT, HYKE, YMCA, Cox & Palmer, Genesis, BDC, Bounce, NRC, RIO, and more, this summer bootcamp offers an incredible opportunity to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.

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A tentative schedule for the program is shown below: 

Date/ Time



June 7, Wednesday (1-2pm)

Develop your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Dr. Carlos Bazan

June 14, Wednesday (1-2pm)

Idea Factory: Creating Profitable Business Models

Kyle Hickey


June 21, Wednesday (1-2pm)

Startup vs Small Business: What’s Your Path?

Sid Eskandari,Ph.D.

June 28, Wednesday (1-2pm)

Blueprint for Business Success

Evan Myles


July 5, Wednesday (1-2pm)

Navigating Legal Pitfalls

Kyle Mercer 

July 7, Friday (1-2pm)

Top 5 Common Mistakes Startups Make

Brenda Rose, CPA

July 19, Wednesday (1-2pm)

Pitch Perfect: Discovering Customers and Winning Them Over

Maggie Courish

July 26, Wednesday (1-2pm)

Intellectual Property and Commercial Translation of Research Paula Mendonça, Ph.D,
Dion Hicks, Ph.D 

ETP Summer Report 2023

Here is a comprehensive report of our summer program. Any questions on this report can be directed to ssmugdho@mun.ca

ETP Summer Report 2023