Discover Program - Fall 2023

Discover Program - Your Entrepreneurial Journey Starts Here

Thinking about diving into the entrepreneurial world? The Discover Program this Fall is your perfect starting point. Whether you are a business student or NOT, this program will teach you the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and help you develop the necessary skills.

Offered in the Fall semester, the program accepts up to 200 graduate students, equipping them with invaluable resources and knowledge to launch their ventures. The program offers a flexible online learning experience through Brightspace, allowing you to access course materials at your convenience. But there's more! Every week, for eight weeks, we'll have in-person sessions on campus. These sessions will focus on breaking down the online materials learnt and do hands-on excercises. We will also welcome guest speakers to enlighten us in certain topics through out the semester. 

You'll be exploring areas such as:

  1. Ideation & Lean Canvas
  2. Research & Customer Interviews
  3. Skills Identification & Team Building
  4. Mentors & Advisors
  5. Business 101
  6. Business Plans
  7. Financing
  8. Resources & Supports in Newfoundland and Labrador

To culminate your journey, a Certificate of Completion awaits you. To earn it, ensure you complete all eight online modules.

Gear up for an enriching Fall 2023 semester that marries the flexibility of online learning with the depth of in-person interactions. Your entrepreneurial odyssey beckons!

Applications for the Discover Program - Fall 2023 was closed.