Develop Program - Winter 2024

Develop Program - Turn Your Entrepreneurial Ideas into Reality

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level? Our Develop Program offers advanced workshops and resources to help you grow and scale your business, irrespective of your academic background. As we continually evolve our offerings, new workshops are being developed and will be incorporated into the program to benefit the participants.

Offered in the Winter semester, there are two main components in the Develop Program. The first component is eight online and asynchronous Workshop modules which will teach you (ETP participants) skillsets and you will complete them conveniently at your convenience. The Workshop modules include:

  1. Naming & Branding
  2. Legal ABCs
  3. Sales, Marketing & Social Media
  4. Managing Growth
  5. Accounting 101
  6. Financial Management
  7. IP & Commercialization
  8. Next Steps

The second component is eight in-person Special topic sessions presented by  successful entrepreneurs, experts and experienced guest lecturers. You will have opportunities to learn more about theoretical knowledge from the workshops through practical expertise from the Special topic sessions.

For graduate students in Marine, Grenfell, and Labrador campuses, we offer you a hundred percent of the Online Develop Program in this Winter. So, please don’t hesitate to grab this special learning opportunity.

To culminate your journey, a Certificate of Completion awaits you. To achieve it, ensure you complete all at least six online workshop modules plus their discussions,  and attend at least six in-person Special Topic sessions (students in Marine, Grenfell, and Labrador campuses are required to attend them online).

Please note that besides the knowledge and information about entrepreneurship and business, you can add this program's certificate (which its program outline indicates) to your resume to become a more robust job applicant for your career development in the near future.

Applications for the Develop Program-Winter 2024 was closed.